Walking Boss

After Ashley made a trip to New York, he remembered a song called "Walking Boss." He recalled hearing railroad crews sing the song when he was "busting" outside of pay shacks in the West Virginia coal fields. The walking boss gave no orders to the workers but only to their immediate supervisors. The workers sang this song in the presence as well as the absence of the walking boss, and the boss pretended that he did not hear the song.

Walking boss, walking boss, walking boss
Well, I don't belong to you
I belong, I belong, I belong
To that steel driving crew.

Work one day, work one day, just a day
Then go lay in the shanty too.


Well I asked that boss, for a job, just a job
He says, "Son, what can you do?"
"I can pull a jack, line a track, line a track
I can pick and shovel too."